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Many disorders of the eyelids and eye sockets that are common with age can be corrected easily through oculoplastic surgery.

Drooping or sagging eyelids that may affect vision or be of cosmetic concern can be corrected by the removal of extra skin or fat around the eye or by doing muscle adjustments to raise the upper lids. People with drooping eyelids may experience headaches and impaired vision that forces them to hold their heads up to try to see. After being treated with oculoplastic surgery, patients often experience great improvement with their vision and quality of life. To help with appearance, bagginess and sagging around the eyes often can be corrected surgically at the same time.

Older adults may experience other disorders of the eyelids and eye socket including tumors, growths around eyelids, blocked tear ducts and other socket problems. If tumors in the eye socket behind the eye are found, these can be removed and biopsied to check to make sure they are benign.

People who have problems with their eyes watering may have tear drain problems which can be helped through oculoplastic surgery to repair tear drains. Those with thyroid issues also can have eye symptoms which can be evaluated and treated with oculolplastic surgery, medication or a combination of therapies. Older adults sometimes have eyes that need to be removed or replaced with implants, another condition that oculoplastic surgery can correct. And in addition to specialized issues, overlapping conditions such as styes, dry eye and blepharitis, a bacterial inflammation of the eyelids can be addressed.
As one of only 500 board-certified oculoplastic surgeons in the United States, Jeffrey B. Goldstein, MD of Asheville Eye Associates is able to treat disorders of the eyelids and eye sockets right here in Western North Carolina. Procedures are typically same-day, take less than 45 minutes, require only light sedation and are done on-site at Asheville Eye Associates’ outpatient surgical center. Most patients are pain-free afterwards and only experience a little bruising or swelling that usually subsides within a week.

Take care of your eye issues today by calling Asheville Eye Associates toll-free at (800) 531-EYES (3937) to schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldstein or one of the group’s other leading eye care providers in Western North Carolina.

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