The ABC & D of Medicare

Medicare is complicated but not impossible to understand.

It does have numerous parts and add-ons and the details of that policy you so carefully selected can change from year to year, along with the premium.

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Advance Directives

Getting Their Papers – And Your Life – In Order

An essential element in managing another person’s life is securing the paperwork that says you have the authority to do so.

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Is It Time To Get Help?

One of the hardest things to judge is exactly when a person may no longer be able to care for themselves by themselves—especially when that  person is your parent.

So how do you determine when it’s time to get help?

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Home Health vs. Home Care

The terms home care and home health are often confused.

In fact, they are  two different services. Understanding what each provides, how they are paid  for, and when to use them can help you coordinate a care plan that works and is  affordable.

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It’s About Living

Often, people find the terms “hospice care” and “palliative care” scary.

By their very definitions, however, they are anything but. Both give patients control of their treatment and their lives.

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Your Guide to Senior Housing

Independent living. Assisted living.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). Family homes. Nursing homes. For profit. Non-profit. If you are in the  process of searching for senior housing for yourself or a loved one, then you know it is un-like any other housing search you’ve ever done.

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Listen Up: Hearing Well

Means Staying Well

Hearing loss can have serious consequences to your health beyond the frustration of not being able to hear. It can result in mental health issues, physical health issues and major safety concerns.

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Make Your Home A No-Fall Zone

We all know how devastating falls can be for older people.

A shattered wrist, a head injury, or a broken hip can severely decrease quality of life and in some cases reduce life expectancy.

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