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Aging Resources

Aging Resources is your one-stop resource for everything you need to manage the many issues of aging and caregiving of the elderly.

Aging Resources provides relevant, useful information. Our questionnaires and checklists help you know exactly what you need and pinpoint who can deliver it.


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Healthy Aging

Making This The Prime Time Of Your Life

With people living longer – and healthier – than ever before, our latter years afford us the opportunity for more fulfillment and fun.

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Councils On Aging

Understanding How These Professional Resources Can Help

Our local, nonprofit Councils on Aging are tremendous resources for both direct services and advice on where to find help in the community with elder issues.

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Living With Dementia

Identifying And Managing Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s And Other Dementia

Dementia is difficult for everyone. The person suffering with it. The family members who become caregivers.

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Planning Ahead For When Life Changes

Creating The Legal Advance Directives You need

Peace of mind comes with making a plan, especially when it comes to expressing your wishes for your medical care, your finances and your desires about the end of your life and after you die.

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Lifelong Learning

Resources For Ongoing Enrichment

In this time of living longer, growing older now means we often can continue to thrive and enjoy life for many more decades than previous generations experienced.

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Evaluating When To Get Help

Signs That Assistance At Home Could Help You Or A Loved One

Determining exactly when loved ones need help at home can be challenging but the answer for the most part is right in front of your eyes.

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Home Care and Home Health Care

What's Available And How These Services Differ

In fact, they are  two different services. Understanding what each provides, how they are paid  for, and when to use them can help you coordinate a care plan that works and is  affordable.

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Palliative And Hospice Care

How Both Can Enhance Life Overall When Dealing With Illness

When facing a serious illness or life-limiting condition, palliative care and hospice care can provide you or a loved one with relief, a sense of more control and enhancement of life in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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Types Of Senior Housing

Independent living. Assisted living.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs also known as Life Plan Communities). Family Homes. Nursing Homes. For-profit. Non-profit. If you are in the process of searching for senior housing for yourself or a loved one, then you know it is unlike any other housing search you’ve ever done.

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Hearing Well Means Staying Well

Hearing loss can have serious consequences to your health beyond the frustration of not being able to hear. It can result in mental health issues, physical health issues and major safety concerns.

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Preventing Falls And Their Consequences

Understanding How You Can Reduce Your Risk By Improving Your Health And Home

We all know how devastating falls can be for older people. A shattered wrist, a head injury, or a broken hip can severely decrease quality of life and in some cases reduce life expectancy.

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Avoid Being Scammed

Tips To Prevent Being The Victim Of A Senior Scam

Access to major funds or credit, the fact that sometimes seniors are isolated and the perception that elders have reduced cognition are all reasons scam artists view older adults as easy prey.

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Aging In Place At Home

The Benefits of Universal Design

As we grow older and our physical abilities change, our living spaces sometimes need modifications to help us function, prevent falls and stay independent so we can “age in place” in our homes.

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